What Are Some Common Beginner Mistakes In Content Marketing?

97% of advertisers and brands have content marketing all wrong. 

They just don’t get how it works. Trust me, I have written content for dozens of entrepreneurs through the years.

These are the five mistakes I have seen repeated over and over again:

Lacking patience.

Imagine you have been single for a while and you have made the conscious decision to get your love life (finally) together. One more dinner with your mom asking you why you are alone and you’ll blow your head off, I get it.

So you have asked your friends to set you up with someone that is… just not too crazy. Date night comes, and you head over the bar thinking about how your life might change tonight. “This is what dreams are made of,” you think on the way there (or something corny like that).

You meet her. She is nice and cute. But, after a few hours, you can just tell she is not going to be the mother of your kids -tough luck.

So, what do you do?

You go home all depressed. She was supposed to be the one, right? Raging because this date didn’t work, you decide to never go on another date ever again -until your six cats eat your face off when you die.

I think we can both agree that it would be a stupid reaction -but it is one that many businesses and entrepreneurs make All. The. Time. They put out one blog post, get all excited, receive three views and then call it off -”it just doesn’t work”, they say; “content marketing is dead”.

Bullshit. You tried once and you gave up. What if one of those three views was actually a CEO of a Fortune 100 company? What if the next time you post it goes viral and your business changes forever?

Be patient.

Not being consistent.

Now, say that first date did not go as well as you planned, but you are hopeful and patient enough to keep on trying. You tell yourself you’ll go on a date every Friday -that is 52 dates in a year, one has to work out, right?

But next Friday your dumbass boss yelled at you at work, and you have sneezed twice during the evening, and there are eight new Narcos episodes on Netflix… so you say fuck it, and text that beautiful girl you had a date with that you won’t be able to make it tonight.

The same thing happens with content marketing. You decide you will write a blog post twice a week -and you do it for the first month, great! Then some shit comes up and you only write once a week. Then once a month. Then you feel bad and write every day for a week. Then you burn out and don’t write ever again.

Consistency is key in content marketing. Decide how many times you will create and make it a realistic number. Then stick to it no matter what.


Not being authentic.

But why, when you actually go on dates, they never seem to work out?

My girlfriend says that women’s biggest turn-off is guys not being authentic and showing their true selves.

It’s understandable. We all want to be liked, but you cannot build a facade of someone (you think) they’ll like instead of who you really are. Laugh at the jokes you think are funny. Agree to the things you actually believe in, and never be afraid to disagree.

Way too many businesses create content just to show off. They want their audiences to think they are truly perfect.

But, guess what?

Perfect is boring. Nobody wants to hear someone talk about how great they think they are. We want to hear real people talking about real stuff: how your founder was depressed for months because business was bad; what you have learned from your failures and how you celebrate your success.

Real feelings connect. They are relatable, and they show who you are at your core -both the good and the bad.

Selling too soon.

Finally! Your date is going great. She is very pretty and funny. She is even going beer for beer with you. Even better, she actually seems very into you -could this get any better?

You take her home because you are a gentleman. Now, important question: do you ask her to get a drink together at her place?

Trying to have sex when the other person is not ready is a huge mistake. Being too pushy, no matter how “hot and sexy” you think you are, is disgusting. Now she’ll never text you back again -instead, she’ll be talking shit about you with her friends.

Many businesses do the same thing and try to close too soon in their relationship with their audience.

I get it. You want to sell your product or your service -you truly believe it will help loads of people. But you are trying to push it down their throats without giving them any type of value first.

Take a page of Gary Vaynerchuk Jab, Jab, Hook strategy.

“A story is at its best when it’s not intrusive, when it brings value to a platform’s consumers, and when it fits in as a natural step along the customer’s path to making a purchase. There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.”

Hiding your content.

You want to meet people -that’s great. Then you have to go to places where people go to meet other people. Like bars, clubs, coffee shops, social events…

You know where you won’t meet anyone for sure? Your lonely living room. Nobody will magically show up there. You have to get out of your house.

Same with content marketing. You cannot just post on your blog/website and wait for people to come and read it. “Build it and they will come” just does not work.

You need to go to places where people are actively looking for new things to learn. In the Internet era, these are social media platforms like Medium, Quora, etc. Find the platform that best fits your content -and then give it to them.

Anyway, when done right, content marketing has the power to drastically transform your business, but almost everyone is just wasting their time and money.

In just the last three months, I have gotten over a million views and generated thousands of dollars for my clients.


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