97% of writers are being lied about this one crucial thing. Are you too?



Let me tell you something. We writers have been lied to for a long, long time about what makes a great writer.

I was too. It made me insecure and hate publishing my writings for years -until I learned the truth.

Here’s what they say great writers need…

  • Perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills. Because, your writing must suck if you miss a comma, apparently.

  • Profound knowledge of this thing called syntax (huh?).

  • A vocab made out of byzantine and indecipherably intricate (hard and long –that’s what she said–) words.

  • Knowing how to put VERY easy ideas in a way that makes people feel stupid and say: “uh, I bet that young fella is smart as a whip.”

  • Decency.

Nah. That’s all bullshit.

I have zero of those things. To be hundred percent honest with you, English is actually my third language.

I do have one thing, tho.

A secret weapon that has allowed me to make thousands of dollars for businesses and entrepreneurs and get over a million people to read my stuff in less than three months.

Wanna know what it is…?

Let me first ask you this first: do you know the one thing that Americans fear more than death?

It’s not spiders. Or sharks. Not even cockroaches (ugh)…

Believe it or not, it’s… speaking in public.

No, I get it.

I have a few public-speaking failure stories too. Like the time I got 8-miled –booed off stage– and embarrassed during my first business presentation in college. It took me years to get over that.

But why do we fear to speak in public so much?

Because we lack confidence…

… And a lack of self-confidence is also what stops amazing writers from being truly great.

Why do we always talk about self-confidence when it comes to public speaking but never when it comes to writing.

Why? Isn’t being judged in the most intrinsic nature of writing?

When we write, we are opening our most hidden thoughts, emotions and stories for the world to see. Many writers are in a state of constant doubt -themselves, their skill, their value. They even doubt if they should be writing at all!

I totally understand it. We writers seem to be a perfectionist bunch too. And writing gives soooo many rules we are supposed to follow….

But the whole point of writing is to let go of everything and just create. To do that, however, we immediately need to stop doing something else:

Giving a fuck.

My whole writing experience changed when I finally understood that we just give too many fucks. And life is too short. And Nothing Really MattersTM -so who really cares.

Honestly, forget everything they’ve taught you about writing in college or wherever the fuck. This is what you need to know:

There are no rules. None.

Writers are the real Sons of Anarchy. There’s no spelling rulez. No. Grammar. Or. Punctuation. Mistakes. Just write however you want -in both content and form.

Make paragraphs short. Or loooong. It’s really whateva.

The so-called rules are more like suggestions. You can bend them, you know? And when you do, they give your writing personality. They let you make EMPHASIS where you want it. They show your voice.

It’s honestly very fun when you just don’t care.

  • Writing is a conversation.

You are not writing.

I mean… you are. But you really aren’t. Think about it as having a conversation with your best friend. It flows. It goes up and down. It branches out. Well, same with writing.

I know, I know. Your 78-year-old professor in that old-ass, dusty classroom in Omaha told you differently -well, fuck him. By the way, if you cuss in real life, you can cuss here too. I definitely do not care.

Be human, please.

I swear there are writers out there that sound just like my Iphone’s Siri -boring, super linear, and more effective at knocking me out to sleep than my nightly Nyquil-Vodka cocktail.

They want to be… too perfect. They do not rant. They do not get frustrated. They do not go on story-branches. They are just boring. Nobody wants to read boring stuff, I promise you.

  • Live.

Great writers entertain their readers with stories that are, well…, entertaining.

You can tell they have a free-flowing spirit and enjoy experimenting new things (like LSD). They have fun with it -both in life and when they write. Nothing is too serious, or scary, or intimate to write about.

Anyway, do not let a lack of self-belief stop you from expressing yourself via writing. The world deserves to hear you -the real you, not the facade you think is ok to show.

And, seriously, think about it. If your writing sucks -who gives a fuck?